Welcome to Acacia

Welcome to Acacia

A Renaissance of Locks

An Acacian Legend

A Renaissance of Locks is an in-world Acacian legend that can be listened to here.

Words: 2974 100%

Weapons of Origin

The Acacia Records Volume 2

Weapons of Origin is the second volume of The Acacia Records. Of course, I didn't know this when I began writing it, so Volume 1 has yet to be written. Draft 2.1 of Weapons of Origin was 76,757 words and sent to a handful of alpha readers in 2018. After receiving feedback from those readers, I started working on draft 3.0. I've made a couple of big enough revisions to up rev the draft to 3.6, which is now in with a new set of beta readers. The current draft has 117,251 words.

Words: 117,251/100,000 100%

White Pass

The Acacia Records Volume 1

White Pass began as a prequel to Weapons of Origin, but has since earned its place as simply Volume 1, bumping Weapons of Origin to Volume 2. It is currently in outline phase, though the first few chapters have been written.

Words: 12,035/90,000 13%


The Acacia Records Volume 3

The Acacia Records Volume 3 is yet unnamed. I have written 7 scenes thus far, but will be focusing primarily on returning to Volumes 1 and 2 before proceeding. Unless of course, I come across an idea that just needs to be written. Such is the creative process and who am I to say otherwise?

Words: 19,501/100,000 20%