Welcome to Acacia

Welcome to Acacia

Weapons of Origin

The Acacia Records Volume 1

Weapons of Origin is the first volume of The Acacia Records. Draft 2.1 was 76,757 words and sent to a handful of alpha readers in 2018. After receiving feedback from those readers, I started working on draft 3.0. I've made a couple of big enough revisions to up rev the draft to 3.5, which is what I'm working on now. The goal is a completed draft 3 with 130,000 words by September of 2022. Here's my progress:

Words: 118,399/130,000 91%

White Pass

The Prequel

White Pass is the prequel to Weapons of Origin. It is currently in outline phase, though the first chapter has been written.

Words: 3,785/80,000 5%

A Renaissance of Locks

An Acacian Tale

A Renaissance of Locks is an in-world Acacian legend. The outline has been complete, and writing will begin after Weapons of Origin is sent to beta readers.

Words: 0/7,500 1%